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Friday, March 27, 2015

Announcing a Tom Lynch Demo

As you know, Tom Lynch will in St. Louis conducting a Saint Louis Watercolor Society Workshop at the Maria Center, the week of April 13 thru 17, 2015. 

Tom is offering a demonstration:
Tuesday, April 14th
at the Maria Center, 336 E. Ripa Ave.,
St. Louis, MO 63125
at 7 p.m.
With a $10 admission charge collected at the door

This is a fantastic opportunity for all of you who are not able to take his workshop so don't miss it.

With his uniquely styled landscape paintings, he strives for a level of excitement, movement and resonance that seems to push somewhere beyond what the environment naturally provides. When considering subjects he tries to search for something striking; like the color of the sky, the direction of natural light, pattern of shadows, or the glint of sunlight on water. He then embellishes those striking features.

Lynch hopes that by accentuating those things that are sometimes easy to miss, he can provoke viewers to ... "Have something to think about, not just something to see". Each painting Tom creates can be seen as special. "I feel it's the job of the artist to bring to the viewer the best of what can be found in the landscape along with a little creativity or exaggeration ... normal and ordinary are not for me."

Tom is a natural teacher who is especially intuitive in developing the student's own individual needs. For 35 years students from all over the world have attended his successful workshops and acclaimed them with high regard. He has mentored many who are now accomplished professionals. When Tom speaks, he talks openly and candidly. His paintings have that same intensity, expression, and direct appeal.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Alicia Farris Workshop

Missouri Artists on Main
321 So. Main
St. Charles, Mo 63301

Sign Up today! Call 636-724-1260 to save your spot!
Alicia Farris 2 Day Workshop - April 10 & 11, 2015
Back by popular demand, Alicia is teaching another portrait
workshop!!!  Everyone loves the colors and interesting people
she portrays!!  Don't miss this special class!
When:  April 10 & 11, 2015 (Friday and Saturday)
Time:  9am - 3pm
Cost:  $140 plus supplies.
Call today to sign up - 636-724-1260!  Her classes always sell out quickly!
For more information go to www.maomgallery.com.   

Upcoming Events at Missouri on Main

Opening Reception for:   

 "Flying to New Heights" with 
   artist, Timothy E. Wagner!
   (2nd Floor)

      "Muddy River Arts" 3D artwork! (1st Floor)
When:  Friday, April 3, 2015
Time:  6:30pm-9pm
Refreshments provided!

Upcoming Classes: 

Sign up now by calling 636-724-1260 

or go to our website for form: 

March Classes

March 9 or March 29 - Hammered Sterling Silver Cuff with a Twist with Kathy Craddock
Have fun making the modern "twist" on the classic cuff bracelet.  You will learn some basic metalsmithing techniques, including use of a butane torch to anneal metal.  Materials include sterling silver, fine silver and Swarvoki crystals
When:  Monday, March 9 or Sunday March 29, 2015
Time:  Monday 6-9pm or Sunday, 1-4 pm
Cost:  $75 includes supplies!

March 19 or March 28 - Crocheted Silver Wire Bracelet with Kathy Craddock
Using the basic crocheted chain stitch, you will use fine silver wire to crochet and incorporate pearls and crystals creating the components for a beautiful bracelet.  Materials include fine silver wire, pearls and Swarvoski crystals.
When:  Monday, March 19 or Saturday, March 28
When:  Monday, 6-9pm or Saturday, 1-4pm
Cost:  $75 includes supplies!

April Workshop!

April 10 & 11 - Portrait workshop with Alicia Farris!

Back by popular demand, Alicia will teach her fabulous portraits class.  Don't miss it.
When:  Friday and Saturday, April 10 & 11
Time:  9am - 3pm
Cost:  $140 plus supplies!

Coming in May, a two day Landscape workshop with Carol Jessen!  More information to come.

Listening to Your Painting

This is an article a friend sent and thought you all might enjoy it.  I'm sure the seasoned artists already know that this is the way you transcend just copying and create art, but it is a good reminder for all of us to put those reference photos away and work from our value studies and then let the art take flight as we create.

“Listening to Your Painting”

As an artist, is there a better feeling than when you find yourself lost inside the world of your painting as it evolves on the easel in in front of you?  Everything seems to be happening as it should, and yet it’s as if you are not even painting it! Still, somehow the thing appears – as if by magic.

Of course when this happens (and it does not always!) it is not magic; but it does feel magical. And it is at those times when I feel most alive – when I exist completely in the moment of creation – no worries about the past and no fear of the future. All that matters is what is happening at that very moment in  the here and now -in the world of the painting. Then I feel beyond time and space – outside myself, and completely at peace. I am untouchable. My choices and reactions are the ones that have come from somewhere beyond thought and effort. Rather they spring from something more direct and honest, more emotive and pure.

I’m always asking my groups – and myself – “not to paint whatever it is that inspires us – but rather to try to paint the inspiration itself”. Fancy words, but what do they mean? Well, for me, if I am stopped in my tracks by a particular sight or scene and suddenly “feel a painting coming on”, I think it’s important to remember that the painting I will do will not be a copy of whatever that sight or scene is – but rather my interpretation, my reaction, to that sight or scene. Because if there is any art to be found, it is only there.

And so with little more than my basic idea and an overall plan of shapes and values in mind, I begin. And this is where my thinking stops and my feeling takes over. I then just have to trust myself enough to let my instincts lead the way.  And as I paint, I am informed – and my painting is shaped – by my emotional response to the scene that inspired me – not by the specifics of the actual scene itself. In fact, once the painting begins, the actual scene fades in importance as it is in the world of my painting that I now live entirely.

Given this, I am very open to the possibility that my plan may – and will – shift as I proceed….. All paintings have a mind of their own. So it’s great to be able to let “mistakes” happen and decide on the fly if they are good or not. Most often, when they happen (and they will), you learn to recognize immediately that they are often “just what the painting wanted” and you see them not as mistakes, but as advantages that could have never been planned.

Memory and instinct silently guide us to make choices our mind could never imagine. Learning to shut off the world, turn down the volume in your mind, and “listen to your painting” is really just another way of saying that you are learning to trust yourself and hear only your own unique voice at last. That – and your painting – very often know what is best.

Thomas W Schaller ; Los Angeles, March 2015

My painting “Fog on the Tiber – Rome” from last year is of real things in a real place – but it is less about those actual things, and more about how I felt and reacted to those things. 

"Fog on the Tiber - Rome"
Thomas W. Schaller - Watercolor on Saunders Waterford
76x56 cm

If you enjoy Thomas Schaller's thoughts,you can read more at:  thomasschaller.com/blog .

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Person of Interest, Linda Green-Metzler

We thought you would enjoy an article that just came out on Linda Green-Metzler by Sheila Frayne Rhoades in the Mar Apr 2015 issue of Uptown Magazine.  It is always nice when an artist receives well deserved press.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Unique Multi-Generational Art Event Seeks Entry Applications

Click this link: http://WASSI.org and then click on Art Show Application (third line down on the right) for Mission Statement, Art Submission Policy, General Rules, Event Application, and Event Labels.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Framations Custom Framing & Art Gallery Show

In Transit 2: journey, change, and motion
March 20 – April 23, 2015

In this exhibit, we examine the theme “In Transit: journey, change and motion”. Any interpretation of the theme is welcome and encouraged. Themes could explore vehicles, implied motion, changes in light, journey in time, etc.      

Featuring work by the following artists: 

Judy Brown
Christine Casten
Jie Chen
Steve Femmer
Jan Foulk
Ting He
Gloria Henderson
John W. Kuntze
Judith A Repke
Richard Schallert
Helen Scheipeter
Marty Spears
Ben Underwood
Lee Walter
Shawn M. White
Jody Williams
Linda S. Wilmes
Juror:  Daven Anderson.

Framations Custom Framing & Art Gallery:  218 North Main Street, St. Charles, MO  63301